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Photo by Marvin Moore

Wedding log

This page will be updated at least once each day, June 7 through 11.

The Chronicles are delighted to provide this wedding coverage to people around the world. The Chronicles of CTR are not supported by Shambhala International in any way. Our funding comes entirely from our viewers and listeners. We need your support.

11 June 2006
More from the wedding festival

View slide show of wedding photographs

by Marvin Moore

The Lhasang, a short video from Bob Zimmerman. (Quicktime)

The bride and groom cut the cake, a short video from Mike Smith. (Media Player)

Please check back over the next few days. We are anticipating more videos, photos, and commentary from BOS.

10 June 2006
The Wedding

Click on the photograph to hear
streaming audio of the wedding ceremony,

or download the MP3 file.

to the exchange of vows.

Slide show by Michael Wood

9 June 2006
Puja and Empowerment

View slide show of Marvin Moore's
lhasang photographs

View slide show of Michael Wood's
lhasang photographs

The Shambhala flag flies over Halifax yesterday.
Photo by Dan Hessey.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photographs from the lhasang yesterday. We received many beautiful images, more than could be posted on a single page. Thank you especially to Marvin Moore and Michael Wood for the stunning photographs shown below.

Today began with an enriching puja for the gathering of auspicious circumstances performed by Karma Senge, Trungpa Rinpoche's nephew.

Karma Senge (center) at the lhasang yesterday.
Photo by Michael Wood

In the afternoon, His Eminence, Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche conferred a Gesar of Ling empowerment. His Eminence is the head of the Ripa lineage and is well known for his terma on the life of Gesar of Ling.

Namkha Drimed and Sakyong Mipham share a moment during the lhasang yesterday.
Photo by Michael Wood

This evening, a gathering of young artists, including James Thorpe, Cara Baker, Jeff Torbert, Noah Haspray, Ben Fong, Michal Friedman, and Tara Slone performed at the Dalhousie student union in honour of the wedding.

Tomorrow, the wedding.

We'll have the audio of the wedding online asap after the ceremony tomorrow afternoon.

8 June 2006
Lhasang in the Citadel

This afternoon, the Shambhala flag flew high above the Halifax Citadel as several hundred people gathered for the wedding feastival lhasang under low skies and a cold steady rain.

to the sounds of the lhasang

(streaming audio).

or download the mp3 file

Watch this short video from Bob Zimmerman (quick time)

Watch this short video from Mike Smith (media player)

Photo by Marvin Moore

Photo by Marvin Moore

Photo by Marvin Moore

Greetings from Shibata Sensei
Photo by Marvin Moore

Photo by Marvin Moore

Photo by Marvin Moore

Photo by Marvin Moore

Photo by Marvin Moore

Photo by Mike Smith

Photo by Michael Wood

Photo by Michael Wood

Photo byMichael Wood

Photo by Michael Wood

Photo by Michael Wood

Photo by Michael Wood

Photo by Michael Wood

Photo by Michael Wood

Photo by Michael Wood

Photo by Michael Wood

Photo by Michael Wood

Photo byMichael Wood

Photo by Alicia Fordham

Halifax Citadel

More photos to follow.

7 June 2006
The family gathers

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and Semo Tseyang
at the Shambhala Centre, 6 June 06.
Photo by Marvin Moore

Halifax is just small enough for unusual activities, like for instance -- a Tibetan royal wedding -- to really stand out and be noticed. Everyone in this town seems to know about the wedding. But Halifax is also just big enough and just jaded enough to take it more or less in stride. It's a big deal and that's really not such a big deal.

The happy couple with father of the bride, His Eminence Tertön Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche, take their seats for a rice and tea ceremony yesterday.
Photo by Marvin Moore

For the past few days, Halifax Airport has received enough Tibetan arrivals that airport officials have gotten used to the sight of white scarves unfurling in front of the international arrival doors. Yesterday, the visiting Ripa and Mukpo family members were greeted at the Shambhala Centre with a traditional rice and tea ceremony.

Meanwhile, down by the waterfront, the transformation of the Cunard Event Center, where the wedding ceremony will take place on Saturday, is underway. Here's a photo taken at the Cunard Center today. Looks like a big empty warehouse, right? After thirty-plus years of transforming spaces like this into shrines and palaces, no one has any serious doubts that the job will be done on time, but just barely.

Photo by Marvin Moore

Tomorrow the wedding festivities officially begin with a lhasang in Halifax Citadel, the 18th century fort that overlooks the harbour and dominates downtown Halifax.

Today the fort, which has never been attacked, is a tourist destination with a booming noon gun and the changing of Highland Guards.

Like tourist destinations everywhere, it's a place that locals rarely visit. Tomorrow a whistling arrow and traditional samurai yelp will precede the widely ignored retort of the noon cannon as imperial Japanese archer and bow maker, Shibata Sensei, releases a single arrow in honor of the wedding festival.

Please come back to the Chronicles tomorrow evening for our next update: the sights and sounds of the lhasang.

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