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Detail from
Vision of Yeshe Tsogyal
Original painting by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

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© Diana J. Mukpo, used by permission

The Perfect Love Poem

Reading by Carolyn Rose Gimian

There is a beautiful snow peaked mountain

With peaceful clouds wrapped round her shoulders.

The surrounding air is filled with love and peace.

What is going to be is what is,

That is love.

There is no fear of leaping into the immeasurable space of love.

Fall in love©

Or, are you in love©

Such questions cannot be answered,

Because in this peace of an all-pervading presence,

No one is in and no one is falling in.

No one is possessed by another.

I see a beautiful playground

Which some may call heaven,

Others may regard it as a trap of hell.

But, I, Chögyam, don't care.

In the playground beautiful Dakinis are holding hand drums, flutes and bells.

Some of them, who are dancing, hold naked flames, water, a nightingale,

Or the whole globe of earth with the galaxies around it.

These Dakinis may perform their dance of death or birth or sickness,

I am still completely intoxicated, in love.

And with this love, I watch them circle.

This performance is all pervading and universal,

So the sonorous sound of mantra is heard

As a beautiful song from the Dakinis.

Among them, there is one dakini with a single eye,

And turquoise hair blown gently by the wind.

She sends a song of love and the song goes like this:


If there is no joy of Mahamudra in the form,

If there is no joy of Mahamudra in the speech,

If there is no joy of Mahamudra in the mind,

How would you understand

That we Dakinis are the mother, sister, maid and wife.

And she shouts with such penetrating voice, saying

Come, come, come


Join the EH and VAM circle.

Then I knew I must surrender to the dance

And join the circle of Dakinis.

Like the confluence of two rivers,

EH the feminine and VAM the male,

Meeting in the circle of the Dance.

Unexpectedly, as I opened myself to love, I was accepted.

So there is no questioning, no hesitation,

I am completely immersed in the all-powerful, the joyous Dakini mandala.

And here I found unwavering conviction that love is universal.

Five chakras of one's body filled with love,

Love without question, love without possessions.

This loving is the pattern of Mahamudra, universal love.

So I dance with the eighty Siddhas and two thousand aspects of Dakinis,

And I will dance bearing the burden of the cross.

No one has forsaken me.

It is such a joyous love dance, my partner and I united.

So the clear, peaceful mountain air

Gently blows the clouds,

A beautiful silk scarf wrapped round.

The Himalayas with their high snow peaks are dancing,

Joining my rhythm in the dance,

Joining with the stillness, the most dignified movement of them all.

- Chögyam Trungpa, 6 August 1969

From Mudra by Chögyam Trungpa. © 1972 by Diana Judith Mukpo. Used here by arrangement with Diana J. Mukpo and Shambhala Publications, Inc.